Minimum of 50 Plate Appearances
Hits Home Runs Doubles Triples
Joey DeLano61 Dennis Pearson22 Joey DeLano16 DeLano, B. Hoppe, Tomlinson3
Dennis Pearson57 Bortmas, LaDouceur20 Dennis Pearson10 Eight tied2
Total Bases Walks Average Slugging %
Joey DeLano134 Michael Sessions53 Joey DeLano.560 Joey DeLano1.229
Evan Bortmas124 Kyle Tomlinson52 Nicco Lollio.448 Nicco Lollio.925
On-Base % Runs Scored RBI Stolen Bases
Joey DeLano.639 Kyle Tomlinson56 Dakota LaDouceur64 David Castle22
Kyle Tomlinson.618 Evan Bortmas55 Evan Bortmas55 Ryan Alexia14
Minimum of 30 Innings Pitched
Wins 1 Runs Allowed ERA WHIP
Bortmas, Farkas, Hatt,
C. Phillips, Skinner
10 Evan Bischoff0 Evan Bischoff0.00 Stephen Farkas0.35
Craig Skinner9 Austin Bischoff2 Austin Bischoff0.26 Skinner, E. Bischoff0.61
Strike Outs 2 Walks Hits Saves
Stephen Farkas251 Evan Bischoff6 Craig Skinner4 Chucky McDonald4
Craig Skinner144 Joe Seto9 Austin Bischoff5 Ten tied1
Innings Pitched 3 Complete Games 4 Caught Stealing -
Stephen Farkas89.1 Stephen Farkas12 Craig Skinner2/4 --
Craig Skinner78.2 Chris Paquin11 Will Mundel2/7 --

Pre-Rotation Rule Records:
  1 Wins: 14, Dennis Pearson
  2 Strike Outs: 233, Dennis Pearson
  3 Innings Pitched: 94, Joe Seto
  4 Complete Games: 16, Chris Lewis, Joe Seto